Loving water and living without.

I have never loved water so much in my entire life as I do right now. And that’s tough!   ~because I learned to swim in my Red Cross lessons when I was six, I adored Lake Erie and the Atlantic Ocean by age seven, I taught swimming lessons at our local community pool by the time I was a teenager, and by age seventeen I had acquired my Red Cross Life Guard certification.  I was known as a “fish”, and spent long summer days swimming in the above-ground family pool, happy as the proverbial clam.  But it was not until October 2010 when i saw the documentary GASLAND by Josh Fox, and learned that safe and clean water supplies were under siege in over thirty states, including my own home state of Pennsylvania, due to an unconventional natural gas extraction method known as “fracking”, that i became a clean water activist.  I was born in Pittsburgh, a city situated at the confluence of three rivers– the Ohio, the Monongahela, and the Allegheny.  I once heard the claim in a documentary about the “secrets” of water that your blood recognizes the vibrational signature of the water in the place you were born; and I swear: the last time I was in Pittsburgh and drove parallel to the Allegheny as it approached the three rivers point, I felt a very expansive and magical feeling come over my body, as if I were resonating like some kind of spiritual tuning fork, and I intuited that it was true.

All my favorite dreams are of fresh, pure water– truly magnificent visions of pools and falls grand beyond my waking imagination– which spill into beautiful bays….I wake up SOOOOOO happy!!!!  🙂  All my spare time excursions involve clean water– Glen Onoko Falls, Taughannock Falls, Fallingwater– nothing refreshes my soul the way a visit to water does!! I get so emotional just to be near any river– I feel my heart magnetism overflow with love!!!

Enjoy a 30 second video of gratitude for the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers that I took on Earth Day:

What breaks my heart and haunts me night and day is that families are living without safe drinking water in their homes due to shale gas drilling– and there are cases across many states, including Wyoming, Texas, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, just to name a few!!!  Many people need help, but I made up my mind to focus Safe Water Society on spotlighting and advocating for Marcellus Shale regional families as part and parcel of my volunteer work running Lehigh Valley Gas Truth from Bethlehem, PA.  I have a companion Facebook page for Safe Water Society where I focus on negatively affected Macellus shale families coping without water, water safety and appreciation, and the conscious qualities of water molecules as documented by Masaru Emoto.

The most egregious cases of families living without clean water are those who have been abandoned by both drilling corporations as well as DEP.  There are certain cases where water wells have gone bad, well casings in the area were PROVEN to be unsound, and the corporation presumably at fault was actually delivering clean water to “water buffaloes” at family homes to “be a good neighbor”, when suddenly the DEP claimed that testing showed that the wells were “SAFE”, and the corporations announced in late February that they would no longer be delivering clean replacement water; and yet, as in the case of Kim McEvoy for example, water was still running black and purple and brown! Never mind~ Rex Energy of State College denies liability and DEP claims that their careful studies show no contamination. Kim begs to differ!  Many families sign non-disclosure agreements in order to be compensated for damages, have methane-venting and purification systems installed, but the worst cases are like Kim’s, when the company drilling nearby denies responsibility, and the PA Department of Environmental Protection takes the side of the drillers rather than the families in need!  Kim McEvoy and her tap water were even featured online in a photo essay posted by The Atlantic for World Water Day.  Her photo is number seventeen~ THANKS, Governor Corbett!  🙁

My fellow fracktivist and friend Maria Payan of Peachbottom Concerned Citizens was visiting Sherry Vargson in Bradford County and filmed her lighting her water on fire EVEN AFTER a methane-venting apparatus was installed to treat her contaminated water.  What a shame that even the efforts of the drillers responsible for the contamination to remediate their damage…FAILED! Watch a video of Sherry lighting her water on fire taken by Maria during her visit:

Please help spread water awareness by subscribing to my blog, sharing it on your social networks, and telling your friends, neighbors, and family about the fact that people are living without water due to shale gas drilling. Thank-you!







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  1. Ask State Representative Vanessa Lowrey Brown not to support the Pro-Fracking-Industry rally.


    Please go to:


    Please resend this message and post it at will.

    Please do not attend this industry Pro-Fracking rally which is against the people.

    We now know that the Limerick atomic power station site is 20 miles from Philadelphia, and
    according to the Alliance for Clean Environment, there are fracking pads 17 miles from Limerick,
    and that there have been earthquakes in Texas as a result of farcking. Texas has banned fracking,
    as have several other states.

    We have information that:
    PA 190th District State Representative Vanessa Lowrey Brown
    who has committed her office to assist in the coordination of
    community people to attend the Pro-Fracking-Industry rally in
    Harrisburg for Tuesday, May 6th, 2014. The Pro-Fracking industry rally
    is being held against the interest of community people. The rally is being
    held to oppose taxing fracking. There is a bill community people will benefit from
    which is now in the PA State Senate, SB 13333, to tax fracking specifically in the
    Marcellus Shale and other regions of Pennsylvania.
    At the time of that we found out about this rally, there were seven buses
    committed to go to the rally from Philadelphia. This was announced to the
    March monthly meeting of the West Philadelphia Coalition of Businesses and Neighbors
    by the State Representative.
    A pro-industry, Marcellus Shale Coalition spokeswoman presented the position of the
    farcking industry before the State Representative, and said that she had given $55,00.00
    to BAEO and to a charter school, and that money was available for other community groups.

    Please ask State Representative Vanessa Lowrey Brown not to support the
    Pro-Fracking-Rally in Harrisburg on May 6th, 2014 which is funded and held
    by industrialists and not by community groups.

    Also, please ask that:
    State Representative Vanessa Lowrey Brown
    support House versions of a bills for Fracking to be taxed.

    You can make contact at:

    Hon. Vanessa Lowery Brown
    328 Irvis Office Building
    PO Box 202190
    Harrisburg, PA 17120-2190
    (717) 783-3822
    Fax: (717) 772-2384

    We now know that the Limerick atomic power station site is 20 miles from Philadelphia.
    According to the Alliance for Clean Environment, there are fracking pads 17 miles from Limerick,
    There have been earthquakes in Texas as a result of farcking.
    Texas has banned fracking, as have several other states.

    Let us stop this insane use of our resources and the
    insane support of an industry which is banned in a
    number of locations.

    In Love and Struggle
    Ken Heard,
    Tax Fracking Until It Does Not Exist
    The Journal of the Working Class Struggle
    POB 36765, Philadelphia, PA, 19107

    Below is the information we were given on the rally,
    please do not attend this rally!!!

    Tuesday, May 6, 2014
    Starting Location: Metro Bank Park, City Island, PA
    Rally: Capitol Steps, Harrisburg, PA
    Beginning at Harrisburg’s Metro Bank Park on City Island and continuing on the steps of the State Capitol, this day of action in Harrisburg will bring together working families, local government and civic leaders, landowners, farmers, sportsmen and other supporters of economic prosperity and energy security across the Commonwealth.
    Schedule Details
    6:30 am – 11:00 am Bus pick-up & transport from various locations (see registration page)
    10:00 am – 11:30 am Registration, T-shirts, & lunch at Metro Bank Park
    11:30 am – 12:00 pm Organizational welcome & program
    12:00 pm – 12:15 pm Sign pick-up & march staging
    12:15 pm – 1:00 pm Rally march from Metro Bank Park to Capitol Steps
    12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Rally participants congregate at Capitol Steps
    1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Rally speakers & program presentation
    2:30 pm – 3:00 pm Bus riders return to Metro Bank Park for bus departure
    3:15 pm Buses depart
    Walking Route
    This event is being organized by:
    * Transportation is limited to those authorized by the organizers of this event (United Shale Advocates and the Marcellus Shale Coalition). The Marcellus Shale Coalition reserves the right to approve or deny all transportation requests.
    Have questions about Pennsylvania Jobs Pennsylvania Energy Rally? Pennsylvania Jobs Pennsylvania Energy Rally
    Pennsylvania Jobs Pennsylvania Energy Rally
    Tuesday, May 6, 2014 Starting Location: Metro Bank Park, City Island, PA Rally: Capitol Steps, Harrisburg, PA Beginning at Harrisburg’s Metro Ba…
    View on http://www.eventbrite.com/

    United Shale Advocates

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